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SkyRide is an attraction like no other. It combines the thrill of a rollercoaster with the activity of a fitness machine. No matter what your physical ability is, SkyRide’s are comfortable & quick; exhilarating & safe. SkyRide is a dream come true from Scott Olson, the founder of Rollerblade® and brings you a customer experience that’s as thrilling as it is different.

An angry traveler shared this in a review "Was informed that would be open on days that cruise ships pulled into port. We pulled in, Skyride was not open. Was disappointed as we wanted to get pictures from the top for our vacation book."


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saw says

"2 New York passes purchased in January for September trip at £437.69. New York is closed & USA is not accepting UK flights. Not only have our flight operators & AirBnB agreed to full refunds, but the funds are now firmly back in our bank account. We've been charged £437.69 for nothing - this has got to be a case for CMA. Keep the pressure on & everyone do what you can to make these people accept their dishonesty in keeping our money."

Rhona says

"Like many thousands of genuine consumers I purchased passes for New York, intending to travel March 2020, obvious reasons we didnt travel. I have written a previous review on this site and dozens of emails direct to this dishonest company. They broke my consumer contract and my consumer rights. The Competition and Markets Authority (UK Government body) has set up a COVID 19 taskforce to address companys such as this behaving 'unfairly' in the pandemic. I urge every to lodge their complaint"

Mr John Lawton says

"Absolute crooks. They can not provide this service and we are unable to travel in 2 years time due to our age. A refund should be made. Would never recommend this outfit! There is absolutely no point in New York Pass offering the option to use this in a different location. We live in the UK. We are in a vulnerable age group and would not wish to travel to the USA during or following this Pandemicas obviously each year our risk of death from this virus increases. We did not ask to have our pass extended and would like a full refund due to our circumstances. If this company wants to achieve future credibility then they should be taking our request seriously and sympathetically."

Lauren Greatrex says

"❌ DO NOT BUY ANY PASSES!! ❌ We booked our passes for New York, can’t go due to COVID and they are refusing to refund us! Shocking customer service, completely unreasonable!!!"

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